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April 2010

“The Blessed Surprise”

There I was standing behind the door trying be apart of the plastered wall, as motionless and skinny as possible. I could hear my younger brother coming down the hall to the room and I was ready. I took a deep breath and froze.

As He came in to the room, at just the right moment, I jump out and screamed "surprise". It was great. Iím sure he jumped two feet into the air and it took his breath away. Mission accomplished, I loved surprising my brothers. That didnít end it; it was now my turn to run.

Most of us, even as adults, love surprises. The special gift, the surprise visit, and the unexpected party, all fill us with a little childlike wonder. How much more we love surprises when the issues are life changing in a good way. What if we are in a life situation expecting the worse and, surprise, we witness a miracle.

It must have been just like that on that Easter morning.

The women, coming to place more spices on the body of Jesus, are completely taken by surprise by an empty tomb. They knew that Jesus was dead. No life was left in his body. He had died; the water and blood had come from his side. The men had placed him in the tomb and rolled the stone over the opening. But now the tomb was empty.

It was at this point that the angels surprised them, both by their brilliant appearance and their words, "He is Risen". It must have taken their breath away.

The pronouncement, "Christ is Risen" has changed everything. We have a living hope in the Risen Christ. I pray that this Easter we will be able to live and share our Hope with the world.

What a joyful surprise .Where is He ? He is Risen! This Easter, let the Joy of the Resurrection fill your life. He has risen. He has conquered death and we have eternal life in Christ.

- Pastor Craig

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