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September 2008

“Saying Good Bye”

Every language has a way of saying goodbye. The source of the word of "goodbye," came from the greeting "God be with you," which is a wonderful blessing to those you are leaving. But even though we are giving a blessing we still struggle when we have to say good bye. Good byes are almost always tough. Especially when they have some finality to them. This time of the year families say goodbyes to their college students. They know that their sons and daughters are now moving into the next stage of life. It will never be the same around the house. Even when they come home, their relationship takes on a new flavor. Weddings are also a time to say good bye. When sons and daughters begin their new home and head off into the sunset with a new spouse. It's tough to say good bye because once again, there is a change that must happen in the relationship between the children and their parents.

The hardest time to say goodbye for me is when dear friends and members of the church die. Their commitment to ministry, their willing spirit, their stories, friendship and laughter are all missed. This year four of our close friends have died and gone to be with the Lord. They are deeply missed. What I miss most is their words to me as they say they are praying for me and the ministry of the church and their families. The prayers of the faithful change things. I thank God for each of them and I look forward to the day when we will be reunited in the presence of God. Jeremiah Rankin penned the song that shares our hearts' sentiment, "God be with you till we meet again." The chorus touches our heart.

Till we meet, till we meet,
Till we meet at Jesus' feet,
Till we meet, till we meet,
God be with you till we meet again.

This past Sunday I continued in our sermon series highlighting the I am's of Jesus. I presented a passage, Jesus said. "I am the resurrection and the life." The reminder of Jesus' death and resurrection conquering sin and death, fills us with hope, even in time of saying good bye because of death. I pray that we can celebrate the resurrection everyday as we thing of the hope we have in Christ.

Pastor Craig

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