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December 2003

“One Size Fits All”

Have you been frustrated when you buy something for someone else? It always seems that whatever you buy, it doesn't quite fit right and back it goes to be exchanged. When you have days like that just remember that God has given a gift that you can share that fits everybody. This gift is His Love that was shared through Jesus Christ. The story of God's sacrificial gift at Christmas inspires the giving and loving in our lives. Many stories remind us of our response to this great love. I found this story from a few years ago that touches the heart.

Every year at Christmas time, our Service Club takes the children from poor families in our town on a personally conducted shopping tour. I was assigned Timmy and Billy, whose father was out of work. After giving them the allotted $4.00, we began our trip. At different stores I made suggestions, but always their answer was a solemn shake of the head, no. Finally I asked, "Where would you suggest we look?"

"Could we go to a shoe store, sir?" answered Timmy. "We'd like a pair of shoes for our daddy so he can go to work." In the shoe store the clerk asked what the boys wanted. Out came the brown paper. "We want a pair of work shoes to fit this foot," they said.

Billy explained that it was a pattern of their Daddy's foot. They had drawn it while he was asleep in a chair. The clerk held the paper against the measuring stick, and walked away. Soon, he came back with an open box. "Will these do?" he asked.

Timmy and Billy handled the shoes with great eagerness. "How much do they cost?" asked Billy. Then Timmy saw the price on the box. "They're $16.95", he said in dismay. "We can only spend $4.00 on this gift."

I looked at the clerk and he cleared his throat. "That's the regular price," he said, "but they are on sale; $3.98 today only."

Then, with the shoes happily in hand the boys bought gifts for their mother and two little sisters. Not once did they think of themselves.

The day after Christmas the boy's father stopped me on the street. The new shoes were on his feet, gratitude was in his eyes. "I just thank Jesus for the people who care," he said. "And I thank Jesus for your sons," I replied. "They taught me more about Christmas in one evening than I had learned in a lifetime."

Yes, the stories of Christmas touch our hearts and remind us of the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ. God's love expressed in the giving of his son, Jesus Christ, can dramatically change your life. Give your life to him in a new way this Christmas.

I hope you will join us this month on Sunday, when we will open God's word and tell the Good News of the Christ Child. Our themes this advent season are:
November 30 – "The Prophecy of the Christ Child!"
December 7 – "The Truth of the Christ Child"
December 14 – "Following the Christ Child"
December 19 – "Responding to the Christ Child"
December 24 – "Jesus Christ-The Everlasting Light"

This month invite a friend and spread the good news, "I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Savior which is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:10b-11. In the case of God's Love given to us, One size fits All.

May God Bless you this Christmas Season,

Pastor Craig

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