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December - Joy in Sharing
November - Growing in Thankfulness
October - To Renew or not to Renew, that is the Question?
September - Let's Go Fishing!
June/July - "See the World!"
May - "Eyjafjallajokull?"
April - "The Blessed Surprise"
March - "Press On"
February - "Keep It Simple"
January - "Stop and Look!"


December - "The Advent of Love"
November - "What a Day!"
October - "Drivers, Start Your Engines"
September - "Get Involved!"
August - "With A Heart of Gratitude"
June & July - "Joseph"
May - "Reflections of a Parent"
April - "Where is He?"
March - "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night"
February - "Renewed in Christ"
January - "Impact Your World!"


December - "T'was the Night Before Christmas"
November - "Gratitude"
October - "Seek Him with all your heart"
September - "Saying Good Bye"
July/August - "Let's Dig Deep"
June - "Thinking About Worship"
May - "Let's Play Ball"
April - "Pull Together"
March - "Do You Have Hope?"
February - "Focused on Jesus"
January - "Celebrate the Lord!"


December - "Joy and Smiles to the World"
November - "This is the Day?"
October - "We Set Sail"
September - "Are You Going Fishing?"
July/August - "Here I come, Grandpa!"
June - "God of All Creation"
May - "How to Save Time!"
April - "It's Time to Plant Again"
March - "I Wish I Would Have Listened"
February - "A Place to call Home"
January - "Another Year is Dawning - Beginning Again"


December - "One Size Fits All"
November - "Ready, Wrestle"
October - "Tusen Tack - Thousand Thanks"
September - "Building for the Future"
July/August - "Another One Has Left the Nest!"
June - "Are You Feeling Like A Grasshopper?"
May - "Most Likely To"
April - "The Hope for All Time!"
March - "Are You Ready Yet?"
February - "Building for the Future"
January - "Building a Firm Foundation"


December - "For Unto Us A Child Is Born ... And It's Miraculous."
November - "You're Not Wearing That, Are You?"
October - "Seek Him With All Your Heart!"
September - "There's Fire in Them There Hills"
July/August - "Scenic Overlook"
June - "To Life"
May - "An Onside Kick"
April - "It's Time to Plant!"
March - "You can do it !!!"
February - "Got Purpose?"
January - "Her Mother and I"


December - "40 Days of Purpose - A Purpose Driven Life Campaign"
November - "Do You Have Free Refills?"
October - "Seek Him With All Your Heart!"
September - "How Far Can You See"
July/August - "Welcome, We Are Glad You Are Here!"
June - "In the Good Old Summer Time"
May - "Parents You Count!"
April - "The Passion of You?"
March - "Are You Ready Yet"
February - "It's Time for a (Living) Water Break"
January - "Call Together the People of God"


December - "One Size Fits All"
November - "115 Years and Growing"
October - "Taking the Next Step"
September - "Drivers, Start Your Engines"
July/August - "Fasten Your Seat Belts and Fold Your Hands"
June - "The Sound of New Beginnings"
May - "Facing A 9 Foot Foe"
April - "The Hope For All Time"
March - "Be Thou Our Vision!"
February - "Expect Miracles"
January - "Celebrate the Lord!"


December - "I'm Dreaming of a"
November - "This is the Day?"
October - "Seek Him With All Your Heart"
September - "Are You Going Fishing?"
August - "It's Family Time"
July - "Her Mother and I"
June - "It Looks Scary! But!"
May - "How To Save Time!"
April - "It's Time to Plant"
March - "He Is Risen!"
February - "Some Thoughts"
January - "Walking One Day At A Time"


December - "Joy and Smiles to the World"
November - Oh, To Be Remembered Like That
October - "Back To Normal?"
August - "I Did It My Way?"

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